is the personal website of David Crowe. It is called eHideaway because back at the dawn of internet, my home was called The Hideaway.

I am a retired Software Developer now living in Silverdale, on the coast between Kendal and Lancaster. During my career I worked on supervisory control and data acquisition systems, flight simulators, data warehouses, and data migration. Employers included Kent Process Control, CAE in Montreal, BA, CEGB, a US company I called the Extremely Devious Shits, BT (my escape from the shits) and, as a consultant, at a variety of banks and supermarkets and the like. Coding was what I enjoyed doing, and still do. During my career I used everything from object code and assembler to Ab Initio, a reassuringly expensive Business Intelligence platform targeted at companies that needed to manipulate large amounts of data. I got into that when BT asked me if I would like to continue to specialise in Oracle or become a specialist in Ab Initio, a new tool that they had heard good things about. I choose Oracle and so was immediately assigned to work on Ab Initio! (Actually that turned out quite well and I used it for the remainder of my career). These days I mainly use Python for my own projects.

Some of my interests are skiing, gardening, West Ham, the weather, walking and cycling in beautiful countryside (I am not a competitive man in lycra), sailing in the sun, and the consumption of food, wine and blues music.

Since age 20, I have suffered from Ulcerative Colitis. Fortunately I have not had to have surgery but I have become used to dashing to the loo and having people looking up my bottom.