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Weather History for Arnside, Heversham, Silverdale and Warton from eHideaway and the Landscape Trust

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The Weather Stations

This site displays historic weather data collected from four weather stations located around Arnside and Silverdale AONB. We find it fascinating to track the fast changing weather conditions that occur locally and now have a continuous, high quality record of wind speed, wind direction, temperature, atmospheric pressure, rainfall and solar radiation since 2006.

Two of the weather stations are owned by the Arnside / Silverdale AONB Landscape Trust. The Landscape Trust decided to purchase their first Davis Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station in 2013. It was installed at the AONB office on Arnside Station and was so interesting that a second Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather station was subsequently purchased by the Trust and installed at Warton’s Archbishop Hutton School.

The other two weather stations belong to private owners. A Vantage Pro 2 Plus located in Heversham and eHideaway's own Vantage Vue weather station located in Silverdale.

eHideaway is very grateful to the Landscape Trust and Mike Warren for allowing it access to their stations' data.

The Arnside, Heversham and Warton weather stations have WeatherlinkIP dataloggers and report to the Davis Weatherlink Cloud and the Weather Underground. The Silverdale weather station has its own web site and also reports to the Weather Underground and the Met Office Weather Observation Web Site (WOW).

This site's data is normally updated once a day in the early morning when the previous day's data is downloaded from the weather stations. Data is held at half hourly intervals and is aggregated by day, week, month, year and all time.

The Technology

Developed by eHideaway, bespoke Python programs running on a Raspberry Pi are used to extract the data, to aggregate the data, and to load the data into a MySQL database in the cloud. For the Vantage Pro 2 Plus weather stations, logger data is extracted from the Davis Weatherlink cloud. For the Vantage Vue weather station, the data is extracted from the Vantage Console. The MySQL database is used with PHP, Javascript and the dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library to generate and display the weather pages and plots. Wind roses are displayed using the Plotly Javascript Graphing Library.

Locations and Data Availability

The Arnside weather station is located at Latitude N 54° 12' 9'', longnitude W 2° 49' 41'', elevation 6 metres. Data is available from 21/08/2013 to 17/01/2020.

The Heversham weather station is located at Latitude N 54° 14' 26'', longnitude W 2° 46' 20'', elevation 35 metres. Data is available from 02/06/2006 to 17/01/2020.

The Silverdale weather station is located at Latitude N 54° 8' 7'', longnitude W 2° 49' 17'', elevation 43 metres. Data is available from 10/10/2017 to 17/01/2020.

The Warton weather station is located at Latitude N 54° 8' 40'', longnitude W 2° 46' 2'', elevation 12 metres. Data is available from 09/06/2017 to 17/01/2020.

Please note that there are on-going issues with the weather station at Arnside meaning its UV and sunshine data are not complete.

Browser Compatibility

This site requires a modern browser that supports HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript. Flexbox is used extensively to enable responsive pages.


eHideaway is the personal website of David Crowe.

Contact Details

Please use this contact form if you have any comments or questions about the weather stations and the web site. Constructive feedback is welcomed.

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