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Current and historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station located in Prestwood, Buckinghamshire.

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Daily Records
18.9°C days25 Jul 2019
28.5°C days11 Aug 2020
37.6°C days19 Jun 2017
47.6°C days07 Aug 2020
57.5°C days18 Jun 2017
67°C days23 Jul 2018
76.8°C days19 Jul 2016
86.8°C days26 Jul 2018
96.6°C days12 Aug 2020
106.5°C days23 Jul 2019
116.5°C days24 Jul 2019
126.4°C days25 Jun 2020
136.3°C days21 Jun 2017
146.3°C days03 Aug 2018
156.3°C days29 Jun 2019
166.3°C days31 Jul 2020
176.2°C days10 Aug 2020
186.1°C days26 Aug 2019
196.1°C days27 Aug 2019
206°C days08 Jul 2018

To qualify for some records a
day must have at least 23 hours
data available.

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Monthly Records
1117.7°C daysJul 2018
269.4°C daysJul 2019
359.2°C daysAug 2020
452.5°C daysAug 2019
552.2°C daysJun 2017
648.4°C daysJun 2018
748.3°C daysJul 2016
846.2°C daysAug 2016
944.2°C daysAug 2018
1043.3°C daysJul 2017
1136°C daysJun 2020
1233°C daysMay 2020
1331.1°C daysJul 2020
1429.2°C daysAug 2017
1527°C daysMay 2018
1624.6°C daysSep 2016
1723.4°C daysJun 2019
1821.6°C daysSep 2020
1918.3°C daysSep 2018
2017.1°C daysMay 2017

To qualify for some records a
month must have at least 28 days
data available.

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Yearly Records
1268.7°C days2018
2191.8°C days2020
3173.3°C days2019
4148.9°C days2017
5145°C days2016
61.9°C days2021

To qualify for some records a
year must have at least 360 days
data available.

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