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Current and historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station located in Silverdale, Lancaster.

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Station Comparison Tables

Comparing the weather experienced at the eHideaway weather stations.

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Latest Values For Friday 15 November 2019
ItemSilverdale at 20:00
Outside Temp:6.8°C steady
6.8°C wind chill
6.8°C heat index
4.8°C dewpoint
Outside Humidity:87% humidity
Barometer:1010.0 hPa falling slowly
Wind:1 mph ESE
Gusting 6 mph SSE
Rain Rate:0.0 mm/hr
Last rain at 15:30 on 13 Nov
Rain:0 mm in 1 hour
0 mm in 3 hours
0 mm in 6 hours
0 mm in 12 hours
0 mm in 24 hours
0 mm in storm
Latest Values For Friday 15 November 2019
ItemChilterns at 20:00
Outside Temp:5.7°C steady
5.7°C wind chill
5.7°C heat index
4.3°C dewpoint
Outside Humidity:91% humidity
Barometer:1001.9 hPa falling
Wind:2 mph NW
Gusting 4 mph S
Rain Rate:1.6 mm/hr
Raining now
Rain:0.9 mm in 1 hour
2.4 mm in 3 hours
2.4 mm in 6 hours
3.3 mm in 12 hours
3.3 mm in 24 hours
3.3 mm in storm
Friday 15 November 2019
Outside Temp:5.1°C low at 00:15
9.1°C high at 13:30
Heating Required:9.6°C days
Cooling Required:0.0°C days
Outside Humidity:82% low at 12:00
89% high at 04:00
Barometer:1008.6 hPa low at 03:30
1011.4 hPa high at 12:00
Wind:11 mph high at 08:45 ENE
Wind Run:29.0 miles
Rain Rate:0.0 mm/hr high at 00:00
Rain:0.0 mm 
Friday 15 November 2019
Outside Temp:3.6°C low at 01:30
7.2°C high at 13:30
Heating Required:10.9°C days
Cooling Required:0.0°C days
Outside Humidity:82% low at 16:45
96% high at 09:00
Barometer:1001.8 hPa low at 19:15
1005.5 hPa high at 09:15
Wind:7 mph high at 13:45 SW
Wind Run:20.6 miles
Rain Rate:2.5 mm/hr high at 19:15
Rain:3.3 mm 
November 2019
Outside Temp:-0.6°C low on 10/11
13.5°C high on 01/11
Heating Required:175.2°C days
Cooling Required:0.0°C days
Outside Humidity:73% low on 10/11
93% high on 02/11
Barometer:972.3 hPa low on 02/11
1016.5 hPa high on 10/11
Wind:25 mph high on 12/11 W
Wind Run:485.1 miles
Rain Rate:19.2 mm/hr high on 01/11
Rain:59.8 mm 
November 2019
Outside Temp:-1.0°C low on 09/11
14.3°C high on 01/11
Heating Required:173.4°C days
Cooling Required:0.0°C days
Outside Humidity:57% low on 13/11
97% high on 01/11
Barometer:975.1 hPa low on 02/11
1015.0 hPa high on 10/11
Wind:10 mph high on 02/11 E
Wind Run:399.3 miles
Rain Rate:5.6 mm/hr high on 07/11
Rain:59.7 mm 
Outside Temp:-5.2°C low on 03/02
30.7°C high on 25/07
Heating Required:2439.5°C days
Cooling Required:58.0°C days
Outside Humidity:31% low on 22/04
94% high on 02/01
Barometer:972.3 hPa low on 02/11
1045.3 hPa high on 02/01
Wind:42 mph high on 09/02 WNW
Wind Run:15243.4 miles
Rain Rate:180.0 mm/hr high on 27/09
Rain:1179.6 mm 
Outside Temp:-4.9°C low on 31/01
36.9°C high on 25/07
Heating Required:2236.9°C days
Cooling Required:173.3°C days
Outside Humidity:21% low on 25/02
99% high on 28/02
Barometer:975.1 hPa low on 02/11
1043.8 hPa high on 02/01
Wind:16 mph high on 14/03 NE
Wind Run:9001.4 miles
Rain Rate:78.7 mm/hr high on 01/10
Rain:549.9 mm 

The site is normally updated every 15 minutes. The station was commissioned on 9 October 2017.

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