Silverdale Weather

Current and historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station located in Silverdale, Lancaster.

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Daily Records
16.1°C days25 Jun 2020
25.4°C days27 Jun 2018
35°C days26 Jun 2018
45°C days29 Jun 2018
54.5°C days01 Jul 2018
64.5°C days25 Jul 2019
74.4°C days28 Jun 2018
84.4°C days23 Jul 2019
94.3°C days24 Jun 2020
103.8°C days02 Jul 2018
113.6°C days08 Jul 2018
123.6°C days26 Jul 2018
133.5°C days27 Jul 2018
143.3°C days30 Jun 2018
153.2°C days03 Jul 2018
163°C days25 Aug 2019
172.9°C days28 May 2018
182.8°C days09 Jul 2018
192.8°C days29 May 2020
202.7°C days07 Jul 2018

To qualify for some records a
day must have at least 23 hours
data available.

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Monthly Records
149.7°C daysJul 2018
239.1°C daysJun 2018
325.2°C daysJun 2020
424.4°C daysJul 2019
517.7°C daysMay 2018
616°C daysAug 2019
711.7°C daysMay 2020
89.5°C daysJun 2019
95.9°C daysAug 2018
104.4°C daysApr 2019
112°C daysMay 2019
121.9°C daysApr 2020
131.7°C daysSep 2019
141.1°C daysApr 2018
151.1°C daysSep 2018
160.6°C daysOct 2018
170.2°C daysOct 2017
180.1°C daysJul 2020
190°C daysNov 2017
200°C daysDec 2017

To qualify for some records a
month must have at least 28 days
data available.

Max Cooling Required
Yearly Records
1115.2°C days2018
258°C days2019
338.9°C days2020
40.2°C days2017

To qualify for some records a
year must have at least 360 days
data available.

The site is normally updated every 15 minutes. The station was commissioned on 9 October 2017.

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