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Current and historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station located in Silverdale, Lancaster.

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Daily Records for 2020

Click on a measurement to display its "top 20" all time records. Click on a date to display a report of its weather.

MeasureDaily RecordDate
Min Average Temp4°C10 Jan
Max Average Temp9.2°C11 Jan
Min Low Temp0.4°C10 Jan
Max Low Temp6.8°C05 Jan
Min High Temp6.4°C01 Jan
Max High Temp12°C07 Jan
Min Temp Range1.7°C04 Jan
Max Temp Range6.8°C10 Jan
Max Heating Required14.3°C days10 Jan
Max Cooling Required0°C days01 Jan
Max Rain12.4 mm11 Jan
Max Rain Rate41.4 mm/hr13 Jan
Max Rain In 1 Hour5.2 mm09 Jan
Max Percent of Time Raining27%17 Jan
Max Percent of 8am to 8pm Raining42%14 Jan
Max Consecutive Dry Days (0 mm rain)1 days01 Jan
Max Consecutive Days with <1 mm rain6 days01 Jan
Max Consecutive Days With Precipitation13 days14 Jan
Max Consecutive Wet Days (1+ mm rain)9 days14 Jan
Max High Wind Speed34 mph16 Jan
Max Wind Run147.2 miles11 Jan
Min Low Pressure979.3 hPa14 Jan
Max Low Pressure1027.6 hPa04 Jan
Min High Pressure990.4 hPa14 Jan
Max High Pressure1037.7 hPa18 Jan
Max Pressure Range28.7 hPa13 Jan

To qualify for some records a day must have at least 23 hours data available.

The site is normally updated every 15 minutes. The station was commissioned on 9 October 2017.

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