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Min Average Temp-2°C26 Jan 20173.5°CJan 201711°C2017
Max Average Temp25.8°C19 Jun 201718.1°CAug 201611°C2017
Min Low Temp-4.4°C12 Dec 2017-4.4°CDec 2017-4.4°C2017
Max Low Temp18.3°C06 Sep 201610.8°CJul 2017-4.4°C2017
Min High Temp-1.1°C26 Jan 201710.5°CJan 201734.8°C2017
Max High Temp34.9°C24 Aug 201634.9°CAug 201634.9°C2016
Min Temp Range0.7°C10 Dec 201713.1°CJan 201839.2°C2017
Max Temp Range19.5°C05 Jul 201727.1°CMay 201739.2°C2017
Min Heating Required51.7°C daysAug 20162799.1°C days2017
Max Heating Required20.3°C days26 Jan 2017458.4°C daysJan 20172799.1°C days2017
Min Cooling Required0°C daysMar 2016148.9°C days2017
Max Cooling Required7.6°C days19 Jun 201752.2°C daysJun 2017148.9°C days2017
Max Days Low Under 0C16 daysJan 201733 days2017
Max Days High Under 0C1 daysJan 20171 days2017
Max Days Low Under Minus 5C0 daysFeb 20160 days2016
Max Days High Over 21C26 daysJul 201683 days2016
Max Days High Over 25C12 daysAug 201632 days2017
Min Rain7.2 mmApr 2017573.9 mm2017
Max Rain27.6 mm17 May 201781.9 mmJul 2017573.9 mm2017
Max Rain Rate112.5 mm/hr18 Jul 2017112.5 mm/hrJul 2017112.5 mm/hr2017
Max Rain In 1 Hour17.1 mm18 Jul 201717.1 mmJul 201717.1 mm2017
Min Dry Days (0mm rain)5 daysSep 2017157 days2017
Max Dry Days (0mm rain)21 daysMay 2016173 days2016
Min Wet Days (1+ mm rain)2 daysApr 2017124 days2017
Max Wet Days (1+ mm rain)16 daysSep 2017124 days2017
Min Very Wet Days (10+ mm rain)0 daysJul 201610 days2017
Max Very Wet Days (10+ mm rain)3 daysMar 201614 days2016
Min Extremely Wet Days (25+ mm rain)0 daysMar 20161 days2017
Max Extremely Wet Days (25+ mm rain)1 daysMay 20171 days2017
Min Percent of Time Raining0%Oct 20164%2017
Max Percent of Time Raining58%17 May 20176%Mar 20164%2017
Min Percent of 8am to 8pm Raining0%Sep 20164%2017
Max Percent of 8am to 8pm Raining77%17 May 20179%Jan 20174%2017
Max Consecutive Dry Days (0 mm rain)13 days24 Jun 201713 daysJun 201713 days2017
Max Consecutive Days with <1 mm rain23 days15 Apr 201718 daysJun 201723 days2017
Max Consecutive Days With Precipitation15 days22 Sep 201715 daysSep 201715 days2017
Max Consecutive Wet Days (1+ mm rain)9 days02 Jan 20187 daysDec 20177 days2017
Min High Wind Speed10 mphDec 201618 mph2017
Max High Wind Speed34 mph02 Mar 201634 mphMar 201634 mph2016
Min Wind Run632.5 milesOct 201610604.2 miles2017
Max Wind Run168 miles28 Mar 20162040.8 milesAug 201614961.7 miles2016
Min Days with 20mph Wind0 daysJun 20160 days2017
Max Days with 20mph Wind10 daysMar 201621 days2016
Min Days with 35mph Wind0 daysMar 20160 days2017
Max Days with 35mph Wind0 daysFeb 20160 days2016
Min Low Pressure972.7 hPa10 Dec 2017972.7 hPaDec 2017972.7 hPa2017
Max Low Pressure1040 hPa27 Dec 20161016.2 hPaDec 2016972.7 hPa2017
Min High Pressure992.4 hPa04 Mar 20171022.6 hPaSep 20161038.6 hPa2017
Max High Pressure1044.3 hPa27 Dec 20161044.3 hPaDec 20161044.3 hPa2016
Min Pressure Range19.6 hPaSep 201665.9 hPa2017
Max Pressure Range28.9 hPa10 Dec 201764.5 hPaDec 201771 hPa2016

To qualify for some records a day must have at least 23 hours data available, a month must have at least 28 days data available and a year must have at least 360 days data available.

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