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Min Average Temp-3°C02 Feb 20122°CMar 20138.9°C2012
Max Average Temp23.4°C01 Jul 201517.8°CJul 201310.3°C2014
Min Low Temp-7.7°C03 Feb 2012-7.7°CFeb 2012-7.7°C2012
Max Low Temp17.3°C13 Sep 20169.1°CJul 2013-3.7°C2014
Min High Temp0.7°C08 Feb 201210.2°CJan 201727.1°C2012
Max High Temp31.7°C19 Jul 201331.7°CJul 201331.7°C2013
Min Temp Range0.8°C23 Dec 201710.6°CDec 201332°C2014
Max Temp Range20.2°C07 May 201328.7°CMay 201737.5°C2015
Min Heating Required65°C daysJul 20132962°C days2014
Max Heating Required21.3°C days02 Feb 2012503°C daysMar 20133478°C days2012
Min Cooling Required0°C daysMay 201118°C days2015
Max Cooling Required6.1°C days19 Jul 201649°C daysJul 201368°C days2013
Max Days Low Under 0C24 daysMar 201373 days2013
Max Days High Under 0C0 daysMar 20110 days2011
Max Days Low Under Minus 5C2 daysFeb 20122 days2012
Max Days High Over 21C23 daysJul 201343 days2013
Max Days High Over 25C10 daysJul 201312 days2013
Min Rain25.8 mmApr 20171169.4 mm2016
Max Rain100.2 mm22 Jun 2012393 mmDec 20131963 mm2012
Max Rain Rate1645.8 mm/hr04 Jan 20121645.8 mm/hrJan 20121645.8 mm/hr2012
Max Rain In 1 Hour23.8 mm20 Jul 201623.8 mmJul 201623.8 mm2016
Min Dry Days (0mm rain)0 daysDec 2011107 days2014
Max Dry Days (0mm rain)22 daysSep 2014153 days2013
Min Wet Days (1+ mm rain)5 daysOct 2016158 days2016
Max Wet Days (1+ mm rain)29 daysJan 2014200 days2012
Min Very Wet Days (10+ mm rain)0 daysMar 201239 days2017
Max Very Wet Days (10+ mm rain)13 daysDec 201165 days2012
Min Extremely Wet Days (25+ mm rain)0 daysApr 20112 days2016
Max Extremely Wet Days (25+ mm rain)5 daysDec 201315 days2012
Min Percent of Time Raining2%Sep 20148%2016
Max Percent of Time Raining93%26 Nov 201227%Feb 201413%2012
Min Percent of 8am to 8pm Raining2%Sep 20148%2015
Max Percent of 8am to 8pm Raining100%22 Jun 201226%Feb 201412%2012
Max Consecutive Dry Days (0 mm rain)20 days06 Mar 201318 daysJul 201320 days2013
Max Consecutive Days with <1 mm rain21 days06 Mar 201318 daysJul 201321 days2013
Max Consecutive Days With Precipitation54 days12 Jan 201231 daysDec 201148 days2015
Max Consecutive Wet Days (1+ mm rain)26 days16 Dec 201119 daysJan 201426 days2011
Min High Wind Speed16 mphJun 201434 mph2017
Max High Wind Speed59 mph04 Jan 201259 mphJan 201259 mph2012
Min Wind Run439 milesSep 201414973 miles2012
Max Wind Run389.8 miles05 Dec 20154259 milesDec 201523415 miles2015
Min Days with 20mph Wind0 daysJun 201168 days2017
Max Days with 20mph Wind24 daysDec 2015123 days2015
Min Days with 35mph Wind0 daysApr 20110 days2017
Max Days with 35mph Wind7 daysDec 201514 days2015
Min Low Pressure957.7 hPa08 Feb 2014957.7 hPaFeb 2014957.7 hPa2014
Max Low Pressure1039.3 hPa08 Feb 20121009 hPaSep 2014974.5 hPa2017
Min High Pressure970.9 hPa24 Dec 20131008.3 hPaFeb 20141036.7 hPa2017
Max High Pressure1043.3 hPa08 Feb 20121043.3 hPaFeb 20121043.3 hPa2012
Min Pressure Range18.4 hPaSep 201462.2 hPa2017
Max Pressure Range41.2 hPa23 Dec 201375.7 hPaDec 201381.7 hPa2014

To qualify for some records a day must have at least 23 hours data available, a month must have at least 28 days data available and a year must have at least 360 days data available.

Other Records Set

The Silverdale weather station was commissioned on 9 October 2017. Data before 9 October 2017 is for Cockermouth. Data before 10 April 2014 is for Keswick.

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