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Summary of the Weather at 19:15 on February 21, 2018

Item Current Values Today Yesterday
Temperature:5.6°C falling rapidly1.3°C to 8.9°C2.9°C to 10.6°C
Humidity:78%71% to 94%65% to 93%
Barometer:1027 hPa rising slowly1026.7 hPa to 1029.6 hPa1018.1 hPa to 1028.6 hPa
Wind:0 mph SSE
Gusting 1 mph SSE
1.8 miles wind run SE
6 mph high at 12:30 SSE
14.8 miles wind run NNW
12 mph high at 13:15 ENE
Rain Rate:0 mm/hr
Last rain at 02:15 on 20 Feb
0 mm/hr high
0 mm in 1 hour high
0 mm/hr high
0.6 mm in 1 hour high
Rain:0 mm in 1 hour
0 mm in 24 hours
0 mm in storm 
0 mm total0.8 mm total
Time Raining:0% of total
0% of 8am to 8pm
4% of total
0% of 8am to 8pm
Commentary:So far it is dry today after yesterday's rain.
Yesterday's All Time Daily Records20 Feb 2018 made no entries in the all time daily record top 20 rankings.
Yesterday's 2018 Daily Records20 Feb 2018 did not set any new daily records for 2018.
Today's Possible All Time Daily RecordsClick here for details of the records that today would make based on the measurements received so far.
Sun and Moon:Sunrise 07:15. Sunset 17:34. Waxing Crescent moon (30%). New moon on 17/03.

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The Silverdale weather station was commissioned on 9 October 2017. Data before 9 October 2017 is for Cockermouth. Data before 10 April 2014 is for Keswick.

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