North Lakes Historic Weather

Historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station that was located in Keswick and then Cockermouth.

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The Technology

In March 2011 eHideaway acquired a Davis Vantage Vue with Weatherlink for its Keswick site. It was then relocated to Cockermouth (and is now located in Silverdale).

The website does not use the Weatherlink software provided with station. Instead bespoke Python programs running on a Raspberry Pi are used to extract data from the station, to aggregate the data, to load the data into a MySQL database in the cloud and to calculate the various minimum and maximum records.

The cloud database is used with PHP, Javascript and the dygraphs JavaScript Visualization Library to generate and display the site's pages and plots. Wind roses are displayed using the Plotly Javascript Graphing Library.


From 25 March 2011 until 9 April 2014, the weather station was located to the north of the English Lake District in Keswick and then, from 10 April 2014 to 8 October 2017 it was located in nearby Cockermouth.

Browser Compatibility

This site requires a modern browser that supports HTML5 and CSS3.

Contact Details

If you wish to contact me, David Crowe, please email

Data from 25 March 2011 to 9 April 2014 is for Keswick. Data from 10 April 2014 to 9 October 2017 is for Cockermouth.

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