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Current and historic weather records from the eHideaway weather station located in Silverdale, Lancaster.

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Data available between 09/02/2020 and 26/11/2022

Weather Log Entries Leading Up To Saturday 26 November 2022

04/01/2022IssueSince the 12/12/2021 the outside humidity sensor has been unreliable.
28/11/2021SnowThin covering of snow.
27/11/2021GeneralStorm Arwen overnight bought strong winds from the north uprouting trees and causing widespread damage to roofs and fences.
01/11/2021GeneralWith 270.6 mm of rain October was the wettest month since the weather station was relocated to Silverdale. The final week in October was also the wettest week. History from other local weather stations suggests that only the month of December 2015 was wetter - that was when Storm Desmond caused extensive flooding.
02/02/2021SnowAbout 3cm of heavy wet snow fell in the morning but melted in the rain later.
23/01/2021SnowOver 2cm of snow unexpectedly fell overnight. The roads were not gritted until later resulting in tricky conditions first thing.
09/01/2021SnowAfter a beautiful day with snow lying, the temperature rose and the snow melted overnight.
08/01/2021SnowOver 2cm of snow fell in the late afternoon
03/01/2021SnowThe remaining snow melted this afternoon.
02/01/2021SnowThere was a brief flurry of snow at midday during an otherwise sunny day
01/01/2021SnowYesterday's snow mostly melted in today's sun.
31/12/2020SnowA light covering of snow fell during the night.
27/09/2020GeneralThe Landscape Trust's Warton weather station recorded a low temperature of 1.0°C this morning. That is the lowest September temperature ever recorded by any of the 5 local weather stations monitored by other than a 0.9°C low at Heversham in 2012.
11/08/2020GeneralIn the early hours of this morning there was an incredible display of thunder and lightning that went on for about 4 hours.
01/08/2020General190.8 mm of rain fell in Silverdale in July (and 193.2 mm in Arnside) making 2020 the wettest July recorded at any of the AONB stations (See
28/06/2020GeneralThirlmere and Haweswater are now only 51.6% full. Further details at
26/06/2020GeneralThere was a very heavy burst of rain lasting a few minutes with a single lightning strike just off shore. 4.6mm of rain fell in 15 minutes and a maximum rain rate of 202.2 mm/hr was recorded which is a record since the station was set up in 2017.
17/05/2020GeneralWith just 16.2 mm of precipitation in 59 days, Thursday 19 March to Saturday 16 May was the area's driest 59 day period since Lancaster University's Hazelrigg weather station's began recording in August 1976.
28/04/2020GeneralTodays rain has ended 39 days since Thursday 19 March during which the weather station has recorded only 3.0mm of precipitation.This is less than the precipitation logged by Lancaster University's Hazelrigg weather station in any 39 day period since its records began in August 1976!
27/03/2020General5 days of coronavirus lockdown now and we have had 5 days of dry sunny weather with magnificent sunsets. A real spring treat after a couple of very wet and wind months.
01/03/2020GeneralWith 263.2mm of rain in Silverdale, February 2020 was the wettest February ever recorded by weather stations in the area. See for further details.
28/02/2020GeneralFebruary 2020 has been the area's wettest and windiest month since Storm Desmond struck in December 2015. Full details at
24/02/2020SnowApproximately 2cm of snow fell overnight but melted in rain during the morning.
23/02/2020GeneralFollowing all the recent rain, Thirlmere and Haweswater reservoirs are now completely full.
22/02/2020IssueSeem to have resolved rain gauge issue but no definitive cause found. Possibly the cause was the rain bucket sticking down.
21/02/2020IssueThe rain gauge started giving problems, badly under-reading.
15/02/2020GeneralStorm Dennis swept across the country adding to the flooding caused by storm Ciara.
09/02/2020GeneralStorm Ciara caused extensive flooding especially in Yorkshire. Combined with high tides there was bad flooding along the River Kent in the Storth / Sandside area.

The site is normally updated every 15 minutes. The station was commissioned on 9 October 2017.

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