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Silverdale Tide Tables

Wednesday 03/06/2020
04:16Low1.8 m
10:10High9.1 m
16:54Low1.3 m
22:41High9.2 m
Thursday 04/06/2020
05:12Low1.4 m
11:01High9.5 m
17:47Low1.1 m
23:29High9.5 m
Friday 05/06/2020
06:05Low1.2 m
11:50High9.7 m
18:36Low1 m
Saturday 06/06/2020
00:14High9.7 m
06:56Low1 m
12:37High9.7 m
19:23Low1 m
Sunday 07/06/2020
00:59High9.8 m
07:44Low1 m
13:24High9.6 m
20:06Low1.2 m
Monday 08/06/2020
01:43High9.6 m
08:31Low1.1 m
14:08High9.3 m
20:48Low1.5 m
Tuesday 09/06/2020
02:26High9.4 m
09:15Low1.4 m
14:53High8.9 m

The tide information is approximate and for guidance only. Absolutely no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies. The Silverdale tides are based on those for Heysham but are 15 minutes later. Arnside high tides are approximately half an hour later than Silverdale high tides.

Be very careful in the two to three hours approaching high tide as the tide run can be fast and a bore can occur in the Arnside area.

The highest equinoctial spring tides at Silverdale are normally over 10.0 metres. In 2020 the highest tides will be on 11 March and 17 October.

Silverdale Tide Chart

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